stat.ink: Supports time zones for Korea, China & Taiwan

According to access analysis, I found some users who use stat.ink live in Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
So I decided to support time zones for them.

I’ve added these time zones below:

  • 한국 표준시 : Korea Standard Time (KST)
    KST is now alias of Japan Standard Time (JST). Because they are the same since 1988. Please select “en: Japan & Korea Time (ja: 日本時間・韓国時間)” from navbar.
    North Korea (Pyongyang) Time is not supported at this time 🙂

  • 中国标准时间 (北京时间, 上海时间) : China Standard Time (Beijing Time) (CST)
    Please select “en: China & Taiwan Time (ja: 中国時間・台湾時間)” from navbar.

  • 國家標準時間 (臺灣標準時間) : Taiwan National Standard Time
    Taiwan Time is now alias of China Standard Time. Please select “en: China & Taiwan Time (ja: 中国時間・台湾時間)” from navbar.

  • 新疆時間 : Xinjiang Time
    Xinjiang Time is a non-official time zone for weastern China. This time zone doesn’t seem to work on the website, but I don’t understand why.

Unfortunately, there is no support for display language (yet).
I’ll add support those languages if Splatoon 2 is released.