stat.ink: [JA/EN only] Using “LINE Seed JP”

既にお気づきかと思いますが、stat.ink の日本語・英語表示時のフォントを先日LINE社から発表されたLINE Seed JPにしてみました。
突然別のフォントに変えるかもしれませんし、単にNoto Sans JPに戻すかもしれません。


Changed the font to LINE Seed JP when the site display language is Japanese or English.
Noto Sans will continue to be used as before if the document is displayed in other languages.
If they add the glyphs needed to support the Latin languages, we may switch the display of other Latin languages as well.
(The font only contains numbers and basic alphabets, which is not enough to support European languages either)

Cyrillic (Russian) characters are not used because the glyphs included in LINE Seed JP are ugly.

At this time, LINE Seed KR has not been added, so Korean has not yet been switched.