stat.ink: Gear Ability Effects

I have added the ability to display a summary of each player’s gear abilities.

Click (tap) around the gear abilities of each player

a pop-up window will appear.

「効果 (Effects)」欄はいわゆる 5.7 表記、メインいくつ分に相当するかを示します。
The “Effects” column indicates the so-called “5.7 format.” It indicates how many primary ability effects it is equivalent to.


stat.ink: Delete battles / jobs



Sorry for the wait.
The function to delete battles and SR jobs has been implemented.
If you open your battles while logged in, a trash can icon has been added in the upper right or lower right corner, you can delete them.

This function is intended for applications where incomplete data is recorded for some reason and then deleted for correction.
(e.g., some data was not recorded because an older client was used)
Do not use it to erase “terrible results.” It does no one any favors, including you.


stat.ink: Salmon Run support

サーモンランNEXT WAVEのサポートを追加しました。
s3s、s3si.ts ともに実際の実装は完了しているようですので、比較的早く実際に利用可能になると思います。
s3s、s3si.ts ともに対応バージョンがリリースされています。アップデートのうえ、ご利用ください。

Sorry to keep you waiting.
Salmon Run Next Wave support is now active.
The clients you guys are using, i.e. s3s and s3si.ts, both seem to have completed their implementation. I expect that you will be able to use them relatively soon.
Both s3s and s3si.ts have been released. Please update to the latest version.
Filtering and summary views are not currently functional, but they will be added after “development for the next season.”


stat.ink: [API] Added gear information posting

stat.ink APIを使用するデベロッパーへのお知らせです。
This is a notice to developers who use the stat.ink API.

Splatoon 3用バトル投稿APIに、ギア情報(ギアパワー構成)を追加しました。
実際に追加された内容については、GitHub wikiを参照してください。
なお、イカリング 3 APIでは直接ギアを特定できる情報が翻訳済みの名前と画像URLしかないと思いますので、実際の検出には困難を伴うと思います…。

I have added gear information (gear abilities) to the battle posting API for Splatoon 3.
I have added the gears to the player structure.
It has a bit complex structure, so please refer to the GitHub wiki for more information.
I think the SplatNet 3 API provides only translated-names and icon-URLs that can identify the gear, so the actual detection is a challenge.


stat.ink: [JA/EN only] Using “LINE Seed JP”

既にお気づきかと思いますが、stat.ink の日本語・英語表示時のフォントを先日LINE社から発表されたLINE Seed JPにしてみました。
突然別のフォントに変えるかもしれませんし、単にNoto Sans JPに戻すかもしれません。


Changed the font to LINE Seed JP when the site display language is Japanese or English.
Noto Sans will continue to be used as before if the document is displayed in other languages.
If they add the glyphs needed to support the Latin languages, we may switch the display of other Latin languages as well.
(The font only contains numbers and basic alphabets, which is not enough to support European languages either)

Cyrillic (Russian) characters are not used because the glyphs included in LINE Seed JP are ugly.

At this time, LINE Seed KR has not been added, so Korean has not yet been switched.


stat.ink: Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3対応は現在開発中です。もうしばらくお待ち下さい。
また、徐々に機能を足していく予定なので最初は機能が少ない状態でリリースされ、s3s (splatnet2statink for Splatoon 3) 等で投稿されるデータは後々不完全な状態となります。

Splatoon 3 support is currently under development. Please keep stay fresh for a while.
I’m planning to add features incrementally, so the data submitted by s3s (splatnet2statink for Splatoon 3) etc will be incomplete at the beginning.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

As for translations other than English and Japanese, expect considerable delays.


stat.ink: Exporting Salmon Run Results

stat.ink にサーモンラン履歴のエクスポート機能を実装しました。
I’ve implemented a new feature “Export your Salmon Run results.”

stat.ink の持っている、ほぼ全てのサーモンランに関する情報が CSV 形式でエクスポートできます。
You can export your data in CSV format about almost all Salmon Run results that stat.ink has.

Please check this page for the columns to be output.

You can download your data from your profile page (log in needed).