stat.ink: Supports time zones for Korea, China & Taiwan

According to access analysis, I found some users who use stat.ink live in Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
So I decided to support time zones for them.

I’ve added these time zones below:

  • 한국 표준시 : Korea Standard Time (KST)
    KST is now alias of Japan Standard Time (JST). Because they are the same since 1988. Please select “en: Japan & Korea Time (ja: 日本時間・韓国時間)” from navbar.
    North Korea (Pyongyang) Time is not supported at this time 🙂

  • 中国标准时间 (北京时间, 上海时间) : China Standard Time (Beijing Time) (CST)
    Please select “en: China & Taiwan Time (ja: 中国時間・台湾時間)” from navbar.

  • 國家標準時間 (臺灣標準時間) : Taiwan National Standard Time
    Taiwan Time is now alias of China Standard Time. Please select “en: China & Taiwan Time (ja: 中国時間・台湾時間)” from navbar.

  • 新疆時間 : Xinjiang Time
    Xinjiang Time is a non-official time zone for weastern China. This time zone doesn’t seem to work on the website, but I don’t understand why.

Unfortunately, there is no support for display language (yet).
I’ll add support those languages if Splatoon 2 is released.


stat.ink: Add weapons’ detailed stats

stat.ink のブキ統計にステージ毎の詳細な統計情報を追加しました。


I’ve added detailed stats for each stage to weapon stats.
You can check win % and kills/deaths/specials/assist count distributions for each stage.
For example, this is a stats page for Tentatek Splattershot/Splat Zones.

You can view the stats from “Stats: Weapons” on the top page (click weapon’s name on the page).


stat.ink: Add Range Blaster (ロングブラスター)

stat.ink にロングブラスターを追加しました。
API に指定するためのキー文字列は “longblaster” です。

I added the Range Blaster to stat.ink.
The key-string for the API is “longblaster“, from Japanese name “Long Blaster ロングブラスター Rongu Burasutā.”

Update :
The ID of SplatNet 2 has been updated. (SquidTracks uses this value.)


stat.ink: Update Time Zone Navigation

stat.ink のナビゲーションバー、タイムゾーン設定の構造を変更しました。


I changed an interface for changing the time zone on the navigation bar.
Please select your region before selecting your time zone.
For example, If you living in United States (mainland), you should select “North America > Your timezone.”
Note: Hawaii and Guam are listed in Oceania region.

Due to this change, it may be difficult to change on a terminal operated with a touch panel such as a smartphone.
I’m planning to update to alleviate it.

And I’ll add more time zones such as countries of Latin America.


stat.ink: Add Custom 4K(+ Scope)

stat.ink にリッター4Kカスタムおよび4Kスコープカスタムを追加しました。
APIに渡すキーはそれぞれ “liter4k_custom” および “liter4k_custom_scope” です。

I added new weapons Custom E-Liter 4K and Custom E-Liter 4K Scope to stat.ink.
Key strings for the API are “liter4k_custom” and “liter4k_custom_scope.”